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French Help needed

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French Help needed Empty French Help needed

Message  SamHunt le Dim 30 Jan 2011, 17:36

Dear All,

sorry to write you in english, I speak and understand french quite well, but writing I unfortunately never learned. Maybe someone can help me nevertheless.

Fate has brought be the golden opportunity of buying a CriCri, which is in a general good condition but with some parts disassembled (wings, instruments). In addition the last flight of the CriCri took place in 2009, also the CNRA has expired last year.

The aircraft is right now located close to the border of Luxembourg in a remorque.

So, what I need is someone who could

a) help me with the registering of the aircraft on my name and the procedures to get the CNRA renewed.

b) Someone with experience in homebuilds or CRICRI who could help in re-assembling and doing the necessary maintenance.

The good news is - I am not looking for a volunteer but would be able to pay for it! The best thing would be to find someone who says: "Ok, tell me where the plane is, I'll fix it and do the rest and it will cost you XY Euro plus the amount for parts and registration"

Anyone who would be interested?

Best regards



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French Help needed Empty Re: French Help needed

Message  Admin le Dim 30 Jan 2011, 18:08

As I told you in the other forum, I'm sure you will find some help on this forum.

But we need some informations:
Do you have the actual registration number F-PXXX, and the serial number?
Is it a french CNRA? date of expiration?
Do you have a deed?
How many flight hours?
What is the date of the last flight?
What type of engines? (JPX, Solo, Zanzoretta,...)?
Does the trailer is operational?
Did you take an insurance for riding the plane in his trailer?
Did the former owner give you the CNRA fold?
Any known technical problem?
What do you think we have to do before the next flight beside a complete check?
Any details?
If you have any photos, it could be a help...

First of all, you will have to change the owner name.
Then, you have to de a complete check of all you Cricri.
At the end, you just have to contact the OSAC to do the CNRA renewal. If your Cricri has already flown, it won't be a problem to do it.

We'll find a way to help you Very Happy

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French Help needed Empty Re: French Help needed

Message  ArthurLéo le Dim 30 Jan 2011, 19:27

Hello Sam,
(And other Wink )
My dad and me would i think be able to help you. Although we never worked on Cricri, we are specialist of Mcr and we use to work on Mc100. We are based in Darois. Which is very close to Dijon in France.
Most of the member from this forum know us, how we work, and i think most of them are happy with our job ... ?
We are able to do everything on your plane, assembly plus avionics, we can check your engine, and do all the paperworks, this is our everyday job for Mcr. Also, my dad is the pilot from dynaero, he should be able to fly your plane, but as he never did, it might clever to let this to a more experienced pilot who have a good experience on the Cricri, our Admin might be interested ? Wink
If you have any question, feel free to give us a call or a mail :
Arthur 0033618896234, arthurleopoldleger@yahoo.fr, www.aeroleo.fr.
We look forward to read from you.

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French Help needed Empty MERCI

Message  SamHunt le Mar 01 Fév 2011, 10:19

Hi Folks!

Again a big thanks for everything. I found someone living very close to my place who will help me with the basics and the registration and I'll let pitet do a final check I guess.

Arthur - if I do not get along, I'll get in touch with you - Dijon is a little bit farer away, but I would go for this option in case I need your help!

I'll keep you updated and hope to organize a small drink for the first flight somewhere in the north east.

Now the second problem arrived: WE NEED A SECOND ONE! I infected my friend with the cricri virus...
So, whoever has an idea about a CriCri for sale (preferably good condition) - please let me know!!


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French Help needed Empty Re: French Help needed

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