Used front gear tube

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Used front gear tube Empty Used front gear tube

Message  jean-luc le Ven 07 Aoû 2009, 12:13

My front wheel tube is made of steel and has now more than ten years. it's tightened to the cockpit and plane by two aluminiums claws. With the use on grass runways i happened to notice that main tube got loose. Main danger was a complete loose lowering plane nose and damaging blades and propeler.

i try to include a photo. (did not succeed infrench; may work in english!)

Steel against Aluminium. Steel wins every time. Next visit do check your front gear. Bend the plane up to free the front gear from the ground ; grab the wheel and the gear at both hands and shake it up and down.
it should not move at all. If so, it's time to act!


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